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Gear Cutting Tools

Gear Hobs

  • From 0.5 module to 16 module and equivalents, full range of DP and CP also available. Single and Multi-start Hobs
  • Finishing, Semi-Topping, Topping
  • Pregrind Protuberance and Preshave hobs
  • Involute and Straight sided Spline Hobs
  • Timing pulley hobs
  • Any non-standard pitches or profiles
  • Resharpening and Reprofiling Service available

Form relieved Profile Ground Milling Cutters

  • Thread and Worm Milling Cutters 
  • Up to 200mm diameter to suit all machines
  • Interlocking Cutter Gangs for Racks, Splines, Fir Tree Roots, Bandsaws and any forms to customers specifications.

Sunderland and MAAG Type Rack Cutters

  • From 0.5 module to 36 module and equivalent – DP`s, CP`s
  • Full range of Cutters including; Spurs, Pregrind Protuberance, Involute and Straight sided Splines, Chain Sprockets, Serrations, Timing Belt Pulley Cutters
  • Double Helical Cutters up to 1DP (26 MOD)
  • Any non standard pitches or pressure angles – Special profiles calculated to customer requirements



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